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DOB: 28.12.1949

Nationality: Dutch

Married, 3 children


2011 – 2018: Private entrepreneur.

  • 2018: Expert committee member for spatial planning of the city of Prague 1.

  • 2017: Founding member of AFDB association (Affordable Housing Association), organiser and speaker of 5 seminars about affordable housing in the Czech Republic (in Pardubice, Plzen, Prague, Brno, and Olomouc).

  • 2015 – 2016: for IPR PRAHA - Analyza konceptu Oduvodneni Metropolitniho Planu; Teaching Masters in Urbanism at ARCHIP; Expert adviser on the Jury for the Brno Railway station International Tender; Initiator and co-organizer of an seminar on affordable housing in the Czech Republic at the CVUT (Czech Technical University).

  • 2015 (Q4): Member of supervisory committee of ARCHIP (1st private Architecture School in Prague); Teaching Master 1 in Urbanism at ARCHIP; conferences at ARCHIP and at the international reSITE convention in Prague (2011, 2012, 2013).

  • 2015: Joined the SF Design (an independent architecture firm based in the Czech Republic) as Adviser of Feasibility of Architecture and Urbanism.

  • 2014 – 2015: Investment adviser at RE Development project in Budapest.

  • 2014: Teaching at the Sorbonne in Abu Dhabi.

  • 2014: Adviser of i3F, commissioned to elaborate a study on the identification of long term vacancies in commercial real estate (offices) eligible for reconversion in social housing.

  • 2013 (Q3): Organisation of a study trip to the Netherlands for social housing corporation i3F.

  • 2013 (Q1): English urbanism courses at the Sorbonne 4.

  • 2012: Organisation of the conference of the “Assises de l’Habitat Francilien” for the AMIF (Association des Maires de l’Ile-de-France – Paris).



2010 – 2011: CEO Eiffage Construction Czech Republic (ECCR) – Prague branch.

  • Created the Prague branch of construction company ECCR. Recruited personnel, secured new offices, launched acquisition, identified and built data base including 75 construction projects. Participated in 6 tenders (Q1/Q2 2011) with 1 successful acquisition at 60M Kc.

  • Lectured at Sorbonne Paris and Abu Dhabi in 2011 and at CVUT ‐ Technical University Prague in 2011.

2002 – 2010: Country manager – CEO of ING Real Estate Development France.


  • CEO of a real estate development company with 40 employees (2010). Created from scratch in 2002 (6 employees), by 2008 the company had 60 employees.

  • 2009 numbers: 700 mio € Turn Over, 80 mio € gross margin, 30 projects under development & construction, 50 projects in acquisition pipe.

  • Reference buildings: M7 Rive Gauche Paris (53000m2), Rue d’Alsace Paris (28000m2), Docks Vauban Le Havre (65000m2 shopping centre), Monolithe Lyon Confluence (28000m2), Habitat Nantes, a.o.

  • Lecturer at Universite Paris Dauphine (2005), Sorbonne IV Paris (2009/2010) and Sorbonne Abu Dhabi (2010), CVUT (Technical University Prague) (2008/2010).


1997 – 2002: Country Manager – CEO of ING RE Czech Republic.


1997 – 1998 (simultaneously): Country Manager - CEO of ING RE Hungary.


1995 – 1997: Area Manager real estate investment and development in the Czech Republic, Hungary for ING Insurance.


  • 1995 – 2002: With ING, responsible for real estate developments, investments and realizations in both the Czech Republic and Hungary,  both countries in which ING built Headquarters. Realization of 490 mio € Real Estate Portfolio in the Czech Republic and Budapest (14 realized projects with 20 employees).

  • Reference buildings: Fred & Ginger “Dancing House” in Prague (Frank O’Gehry), HQ ING Prague (Jean Nouvel), HQ ING Budapest (Erick van Egeraat).


1990 – 1995: Senior Project Manager real estate development at Nationale Nederlanden Vastgoed (NNVG/NN Real estate).

  • Responsible for NNVG/ING for investment & development of real estate in the Czech Republic, Hungary and for site‐finding & realization of ING Group HQs in Budapest and Prague. HQs site‐finding in Warsaw and Milan.

1989: Scouting of real estate investment and development opportunities in France and in the Czech Republic.


  • In association with J.D.Doets (later CEO of ING RE 1995‐2004)


1986 – 1989: Project Manager of Urban Development for the City of Rotterdam, (co‐)responsible for City marketing and special projects.


  1. Urban planning and partial realization of the restructuring of Old harbour areas of Rotterdam North‐West.

  2. Organization & Content of City‐Marketing conventions in Rotterdam.

  3. Joint study tour of Dutch mayors and Dutch and Swedisch institutional investors to Germany, Italy, France and Benelux.

  4. Redevelopment and protection of the port area in Corinto Nicaragua.

  5. Teaching urban renewal & planning courses in Shanghai.

  6. Organization & initiative of the participation of Dutch investors, real estate developers, and the Cities of Rotterdam, Den Haag and Amsterdam (the Randstad) in the 1st MIMIP real estate fair in Cannes.

  7. Lecturer at the Rotterdam Institute of Housing Studies (postgraduate).


1983 – 1986: CEO of Public Project Group Urban Renewal Delfshaven – City of Rotterdam.


1981 – 1983: Adjunct‐CEO of Public Project Group Urban Renewal Delfshaven – City of Rotterdam.


  • Realization of 2000 new housing units, rehabilitation of 1000 housing units, realization of 2 schools, initiation & foundation of the PPP (Public Private Partnership)

  • Stadsherstel Delfshaven (Monuments restoration)

1974 – 1978: Partner in small construction firm (4 – 20 employees)





  • Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, 1981: Graduated as Civil Engineer, Title: Ir (Ingenieur)

  • University of Amsterdam – ASRE (Amsterdam School of Real Estate), 1996: MRE (Master of Real Estate)




Fluent (Czech, Dutch, English, French)

Reasonable (German, Italian)

Understanding and basic communication (Polish, Russian, Spanish)

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