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Brownfield Sites

: former industrial land, in or near cities, recycled and redeveloped into urban mixed use projects.


Forum Karlín

Forum Karlin is located in the renovated brownfield once occupied by ČKD, a manufacturer of steam boilers, or generators, supplied to the Austro-Hungarian empire. Against the prevailing opinion, I advised that the owner (Zdeněk Bakala) renovate rather than demolish the halls, preserving the industrial heritage, and proposed a plan with which this could be achieved in a financially feasible way. Renovated into a mixed-use cultural site, hosting events, conventions, restaurants, retail, and the owner's Economia Publishing house, Forum Karlín is now one of the most successful venues in Prague.

Architect: Ricardo Bofill

Property adviser: Bessel Kok

Developer: Karlín Group by Serge Borenstein

Location: Pernerova 51, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín

Zlaty Andel

Zlatý Anděl

Zlatý Anděl (Golden Angel) was built on former brownfield land in Prague 5 that used to house a metro station, next to a luxury train carriage factory. This brownfield site's redevelopment into Zlatý Anděl, a project of urban mixed use, was intended as a first phase of a larger plan. Ideas for a second phase (redeveloping the factory site) were not executed.

Architects: Jean Nouvel (AJN); A8000.
Location: Nádražní 344/23, 150 00 Praha 5-Anděl, Czech republic.
Completed: 2000.

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Holesovice Brewery

Pivovar Holešovice

Former brownfield land in Prague, which housed the Holešovice brewery, redeveloped into a project of urban mixed use functions.

Architects: Jean Nouvel, CMC, Frank O'Gehry & Associates.
Location: 1583 170 00, U Uranie 1583/27, 170 00 Praha 7, Czech republic.
Completed: 2002-2004.

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Docks Vauban

Docks Vauban - Le Havre

Former brownfield land in Le Havre that housed its harbour, redeveloped into a project of urban mixed use functions.

Architect: Bernard Reichen.
Location: 70 Quai Frissard, 76600 Le Havre, France.
Completed: 2006.

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Metz breed.jpg

Le Quartier de l'Amphithéâtre

Mixed use retail-led development project, on land that originally housed an ancient amphitheatre that was destroyed and became brownfield land populated by small warehouses.

A collaboration between tender winner ING (Paul Koch) and runner-up Apsys (Maurice Bansay). Even if ING retreated as a result of the 2008 financial crisis, Apsys (Maurice Bansay) executed the plan that Paul's office had originally conceived and designed and with which ING had won the tender. 27000 sq m of retail, 20000 sq m of offices and 200 housing units.

Coordinating Architect of five architecture firms: Jean-Paul Viguier.

Location: Metz, France.

Completed: 2017.

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M7 Rive Gauche

M7 Rive Gauche

Brownfield land in Paris, formerly used for industrial, storage, and harbour functions, redeveloped into a project of urban mixed use functions that houses retail, governmental offices, and serves as the entrance to a Metro and RER station, while also connecting the south-west and north-east neighbourhoods with a bridge.

Architect: Jean Paul Viguier.
Location: Paris 13eme, France.
Completed: 2005.

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Monolithe Lyon Confluence

Monolithe Lyon Confluence

Former brownfield land in Lyon on the water that served as an industrial area and harbour,  redeveloped into a project of urban mixed use functions. It represented the first redevelopment here and triggered the wider redevelopment of this old industrial area.

Architects: Erick van Egeraat. MVRDV, Combarel & Marrec, Pierre Gauthier, Manuelle Gautrand.
Location: 59 Rue Denuzière, 69002 Lyon, France
Completed: 2009.

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Igy indoor.jpg

IGY Center

Former brownfield land in the city of České Budějovice, in the Czech republic. It was the first

reinforced concrete building in Central Europe, erected to serve as a Habsburg Empire military storage facility. It continued to serve as a storage facility under Communism until it fell into disuse, and was purchased after the fall of the wall by four residents of the area. They rented the space to a Vietnamese market, the success of which allowed them to pay off the debts they had accrued as a result of buying the property. The original building was redeveloped into a project of urban mixed use with retail-led functions.

Architect: A8000.
Location: Pražská tř. 1247/24, 370 04 České Budějovice
Completed: 2004.

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Schiemond jaren 80.jpg

Rotterdam-Delfshaven Buitendijks -Schiemond

Between 1981 and 1989, I worked on the redevelopment of this whole brownfield area that formerly functioned as harbour in Rotterdam. The 4 starting phases of Buitendijks were realized (photo). In the last phase, together with architect Jean Nouvel, we proposed a concept and design which was not selected by the City management.

Architects: Zdenek Zavrel, Jelles, Mecanoo

Location: Schiemond, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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Oostelijk Havengebied.jpg

Amsterdam - Oostelijk Haven

My final Engineer's diploma thesis at TU Delft, 1989, was on the redevelopment of  the Oostelijk Haven Gebied, today more populary known as the gentrifying neighbourhood of 'Eastern Docklands'.

Location: Oostelijk Haven/Eastern Docklands, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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