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My name is Paul Vincent Koch.

I have over 40 years of experience (10 years in the public sector and over 30 years in the private sector) in the fields of real estate development (retail-led mixed use projects), real estate investment, (re)development and urban renewal, urban governance, and the construction business, in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, France, and Hungary, and briefly in Nicaragua and China. During this time, I worked to bring known architects to countries where they had not built before.

I’ve been active as an educator to undergraduate and postgraduate students in these fields since 1986.


I retired in 2011. Since then I've been active as an investment & development adviser and as an educator.


In 2015, I joined Atelier SF Design, Dutch architect Saskia Fokkema's independent architecture firm based in the Czech Republic since 1997, to serve as an adviser in feasibility of architecture and urbanism. More information can be found at


In 2017, together with Nisan Jazairi, we officially founded the Affordable Housing Association (AFDP), an organization that is dedicated to researching the demand for affordable housing in the Czech Republic, and to thinking of feasible ways to realize affordable housing projects that meet this significant demand. More information can be found at and at

To discuss affordable housing, or any other urban development and urban recycling projects, please get in touch.

- Paul

Paul Koch
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